Review: DesignEvo

Introducing DesignEvo, the Free Custom Logo Design utility.

DesignEvo is yet another product by Pearl Mountain Software.

In concert with their trademark beautiful UI/UX work, this application is perhaps the simplest logo creation process that I have seen.

Codango™ has a very special technology patent that we are in the process of formalizing and preparing to launch.

What did we not have?

A logo that was apropos for the product design in question!

This is no joke: I created a logo that was bullseye accurate for our product:

As always, we recommend discussing logo use, design, service marks, and trademarks your products and other resources with an attorney that specializes in these kinds of projects…

But this is FANTASTIC!

It did not cost a thing.

Their pricing model for logos is simple: The free model, the $19.99 model, and the $39.99 model.

I used the free model. In exchange for the free download and use, you are required to share DesignEvo with a social media presence.

I gladly shared this product to our Facebook page.

You truly have to give this product a try.

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