Will Artificial Intelligence Make Restaurant Reviews Obsolete?

[Codango: There has been significant talk about this in the industry. Do bots do more harm than good? Or do they create new opportunities? We’re going to have to explore this and publish something of our own on this. We see it both ways.]

Kristen Hawley: If bots can generate fake reviews that pass as real, the entire online review system will be completely useless.

This is our future.

As if online reviews didn’t already have a legitimacy problem (looking at you, one-star-because-it’s-closed-on-Monday Yelpers), a recent University of Chicago paper details how easy it is to use artificial intelligence (or, bots) to produce fraudulent restaurant reviews.

The bots can read real reviews posted by real people and learn the language, posting real-sounding reviews that can even go undetected by…

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